Do you put oil or butter in a popcorn Machine? (Explained)

I’ve always thought the best way to make popcorn in a popcorn machine. Do I use oil or butter? So, I decided to do some research and find out the answer once and for all.

The answer is quite simple: you can use oil or butter in a popcorn machine. Yes, that’s right! Both oil and butter can be used to make delicious popcorn.

Now, the question is which one is better or healthier. In this article, I will take you on a journey to explore the pros and cons of using butter and oil in a popcorn machine.

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and create the perfect batch of popcorn. So, let’s dive in and unravel the mystery together!

Using butter 

Butter is a dairy product. It is mostly made from cow’s milk. It is also made from the milk of other mammals like sheep, goats, buffalo, and yaks.

It is made from the fat and protein compounds of churned cream. It is used as a spread at room temperature, melted as a condiment, and used as a fat in baking, sauce making, pan frying, and other cooking procedures


  • Generally natural 
  • Contain vitamins 
  • Contains protein 
  • Contains calories
  • Buttery flavor 


  • Raise blood cholesterol
  • Low smoke point 
  • Increased risk of heart and vascular diseases 

Can you use regular butter for the popcorn machine?

Regular butter contains water and milk solids. It leads to a soggy snack. Regular butter burns in the temperature range required to pop your popcorn. It will cause the ruining of your snack. But clarified butter can be used in the popcorn machine.

Clarified butter is the best butter for your popcorn. It has almost all of its water and milk solids removed, leaving almost pure butterfat.

It is made by heating butter to its melting point and then cooling it down. Clarified butter gives you a clean, rich, and buttery flavor. The popcorn will not burn as long as you don’t over-pop. It will not harm your popper.

Can you use ghee in my popcorn machine?

Ghee is the best for making popcorn. Ghee is clarified butter that has been heated to around 120 degree Celsius after the water evaporated, turning the milk solid brown.

Its low moisture content, high smoke point, and buttery flavor make the perfect combination for popcorn. Ghee can be kept for six to eight months under normal conditions.

Using oil

Vegetable oil or vegetable fats are oils extracted from seeds or other plants. Vegetable oils are liquid at room temperature. Vegetable oils are usually edible.

Vegetable oils seem to be a healthy source of fat. Many nutrients are found in vegetable oil. Vegetable oils are rich in omega 6.

Oils can be heated higher than the boiling point of water. And is used to fry foods. Vegetable oils are used as an ingredient or compound in many manufactured products.

Soybean oil, grape seed oil, and cocoa butter are examples of seed oil. Olive oil, palm oil, and rice bran oil are examples of oils from other parts of fruits. 


  • Inexpensive 
  • Long shelf life
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Add different flavors
  • High smoke point 


  • Made from GMO {genetically modified organisms} sources
  • Increased risk of diseases like inflammation and heart attack

Can we use coconut oil in the popcorn machine?

Yes, coconut oil can be used in the popcorn machine. It is a very good oil that can be used in the popcorn machine. A lot of people use coconut oil in their popcorn machines because it is healthier than other oils.

It is also cheaper than many oils. It is the only way to give the distinctive and decadent flavor of butter without using actual butter. Coconut oil contains 80 to 90 percent saturated oil.

That is why it is very healthy. According to experts, a tablespoon of coconut oil contains about six times as much saturated fat as olive oil.

Can I use olive oil in the popcorn machine?

Olive oil can prove the best oil to use in your popcorn machine. Olive is very healthy and very nutritious. It is healthier and more nutritious because it is rich in good fats like polyunsaturated fats and low in bad fats like saturated fats. You can use olive oil as a healthier alternative to butter. It gives the popcorn a delicious olive oil flavor.

Which oil is best for making popcorn?

The best oils that can you use in your popcorn machine are described below.

  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sunflower oil

Olive oil

Olive oil is the best oil for your popcorn. It not only brings a unique flavor to your popcorn, but you will notice an improvement in your health too after using this oil in your popcorn machine.

It contains all the good fats your body need. Popcorn is a healthy snack to eat when you are feeling puckish. 

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is also a very healthy and nutritious oil to use in the popcorn machine. This oil can provide healthy fats. These fat are helpful for energy, brain, and hormone health.

This oil has a very high smoke point of 520°F which prevents the kernels from burning as they pop. This oil provides a mild and delicate flavor to popcorn. 

Peanut oil

Peanut Oil is the most flavorful, rich, and buttery-like vegetable oil for your popcorn machine. Studies have shown that replacing oils containing saturated fats with these types of oils containing unsaturated fats reduces the risk of heart disease.

It contains a high level of vitamin E. It also contains good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated). That’s why it is very beneficial for the heart.

Due to its relatively higher saturated fatty acid content, peanut oil is more stable than many other regular vegetable oils, such as regular soybean oil. 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great choice as well. Most people use this oil in their popcorn machine. It is because it has a high smoke point which prevents kernels from burning when they pop.

Another reason is, it is a very healthy and nutritious oil. It gives the distinctive and decadent flavor of butter without using actual butter. Using this oil results in a very flavorful final product.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is a natural for popcorn, Tom says. Sunflower oil is also a very good oil that you can use in your popcorn machine. It is a healthy oil.

It is also a very nutritious oil. Like olive oil, sunflower oil is also high in good fats (monounsaturated fat) and Omega fatty acids, which help lower bad cholesterol.

It is also high in Vitamin E. It has a high smoke point. It holds up under high cooking temperatures. It has a light buttery taste.


The answer to the question Do you put oil or butter in a popcorn machine is that you can use both of them. In this article, the complete details, pros, and cons of using both have been described.

Now it’s up to what you should use. In my opinion, you should use oil because it is more healthy and more beneficial than butter.

But if you want to use butter to make buttery popcorn, you should use clarified butter. Regular butter will burn and smoke if used because it burns in the temperature range required to pop popcorn. 

How many tablespoons of oil do I need for a popcorn machine?

3 to 4 tablespoons for 1 cup of popcorn

What butter do movie theaters use?

Butter-flavored oil

What makes cinema popcorn taste so good?

Cinema popcorn tastes incredibly delicious due to a secret ingredient called Flavacol. Although unfamiliar to most, this special ingredient is exclusively used by movie theaters.

Flavacol is a finely powdered, bright orange substance that functions as a butter-flavored salt. It adds the irresistible buttery taste that moviegoers crave and imparts the iconic yellow color to the popcorn.

Flavacol is the key to the mouthwatering flavor that sets cinema popcorn apart, making it a unique and delightful treat for movie enthusiasts.

What is the number 1 popcorn in the world?

Orville Redenbacher’s is the top brand of popcorn in the world.

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