How to Make Popcorn Pop Bigger (Methods Explained)

Popcorn is really a versatile snack. It can be made in any flavor. People love this a lot because it is a very easy, cheap, and healthy snack.

So, people also show concern about how to make popcorn pop bigger. There are many ways like, soaking in water, making on the stove, etc.

For this, you need to understand the process of popping. After understanding, even you can make your own method to increase the size. 

People love popcorn while watching movies and reading books. These can also be enjoyed in late-night gossip. The size does not affect the nutritious value of popcorn.

In my opinion, the size is just for the orientation of popcorn. Yes, it does become fluffier. So, in this article, we will discuss the methods of how you can increase the size of your popcorn.

But first, you need to understand the process of popping.

How does Popcorn Pop?

There is a whole process behind these delicious snacks. The kernel has moisture inside it. This moisture is used to pop the popcorn.

When the kernel is heated, the moisture inside the hull starts to boil and makes the pressure inside. The outer hard layer of the kernel is called the hull. 

So, the pressure in the kernel breaks the hull and lets the starch come out and convert itself into popcorn. So, through this process, popcorn is made.

The hull, the moisture, and the oil are the main things for the process to make it work.

Methods How to Make Popcorn Pop Bigger

So, after knowing the process, it is very easy for you to understand the things which you should do for making big popcorn.

Following are the methods, you need to do for making a big-size pop:

  • By soaking
  • Controlling the quantity

By Soaking

Soaking kernels for 15 minutes before popping can increase their size. Soaking increases the moisture level of your kernels which helps the starch to spread more widely.

In this way, the size of the popcorn increases and it pops more fluffy and soft. 

The size depends on the level of moisture. Too little moisture does not allow the kernel to pop correctly.

So, soaking adjusts the moisture and softens the hull for popping easily. In this way, you can get big and fluffy popcorn.

Controlling the Quantity

Sometimes the popcorn remains small because of the pressure of other popcorn. The other popcorn does not allow to pop the kernels beneath them.

So, if you pop fewer kernels, it will pop into a big size. So, take more rounds with less quantity.

The stove pot allows more space to pop the kernels into popcorn. The popcorn machine or bag has limited space to pop the kernels.

But the pot has a bigger size than both of these. So, the extra space allows the kernels to pop in more size.

By these methods, you can increase the size of your popcorn. The size does not matter but the softness enhances the flavor and the mood.

The size just makes it look more beautiful. Anyway, you can use these methods to increase the size and also can make them fluffier.

Does Size Affect Its Nutritious Value?

No, the size does not affect the nutritious value. The nutrients remain the same. The big size only affects the look of popcorn and it makes it fluffier.

But the nutrition remains the same. The nutrients are the reason why these snacks are healthy and loveable because popcorn does not affect your health. 

Popcorn consists of many trace minerals and nutrients like potassium, zinc, fiber, polyphenols, etc. These play a vital role in the human body.

So, we can get all of these from a single popcorn. That is why it has more nutritious value than all other snacks. These are very light snacks but after eating, they fill you for a long time. Your hunger decreases and you feel full for a long time.


In the end, the big size matters just for the presentation. It does not increase the nutrition or taste but it also becomes fluffier.

So, first, check why you want big-size popcorn. A lot of people ask this question; how to make popcorn pop bigger?

So, the above-mentioned methods are used to pop popcorn in big sizes. There is no doubt about the nutritious value of popcorn. It is very healthy with almost 0 side effects.

Does salt make popcorn pop faster?

No, salt does not make popcorn pop faster by itself. However, an experiment showed that kernels soaked in salt water did pop quicker and resulted in fewer unpopped pieces. Still, this doesn’t mean salt directly speeds up the popping; the water plays a significant role too.

What popcorn pops the biggest?

If you’re seeking popcorn that pops the biggest, your answer is Mushroom popcorn. Known for its large size, Mushroom popcorn pops into big, billowy, and fluffy pieces, making it the champion of super-sized popcorn!

What is the fastest way to pop popcorn?

For quick popcorn, try the Microwave Bowl method. Mix 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels with 1/2 teaspoon of oil in a microwave-safe glass bowl. Cover the bowl with a plate.

Microwave on high for about 3 to 4 minutes, or until pops are 3 seconds apart. Enjoy your quick, tasty popcorn!

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