Popcorn Machine is Not Heating Up (Problem Solved)

I eagerly prepared for a movie night with my friends. I rented a top-notch popcorn machine to ensure we had the most authentic theater experience right in the comfort of my living room.

But when the time came to pop some delicious kernels, I faced an unexpected problem—the popcorn machine was not heating up!

In this article, we will explore the possible reasons why your popcorn machine might not be heating up and provide helpful solutions to get that aromatic, buttery goodness flowing again.

So, grab a seat, and let’s dive into the world of popcorn machine troubleshooting!

Reasons Why Popcorn Machine Not Heating Up

If your popcorn machine is not heating up, there can be several internal reasons behind this issue. First, check the thermostat pins, which regulate the temperature. If they are unresponsive, consider replacing them. Another potential cause is the use of excessive oil, which can damage the heating element. Control the amount of oil used and clean the machine regularly. Additionally, inspect the wiring, both the main connection and internal wiring. Ensure they are properly plugged and intact. If necessary, repair or replace the wires.

1. Thermostat Pins

The popcorn machine has 2 or 3 thermostat pins in it. This amount can differ according to the sizes of the machines. These thermostats help the machine to heat up.

So, it can also be possible that these have some problems. These are not responding when we are trying to heat them. These are also responsible for changing the temperature according to our needs. 

So, open the machine and try to change these thermostats. There is no way you can fix these. Try to fix these in your house and if you are not able to fix them, you can go to a technician for replacement.

2. Extra Oil

Using extra oil can also be the reason for not heating up. The extra oil can also damage the heating element of the popcorn machine.

The usage of the same oil for a long time can convert it into a greasy material. So, this material can be stuck into it and cease the machine from heating up. So, you need to see two things in this problem.

One thing is that control the amount of oil you use while popping. Oil should not remain in the machine after popping. So, do watch the quantity.

The second one is that clean your machine once after every two weeks. This will also help to get out the excessive oil. So, do watch and solve the problem because of this issue.

3. See the Wiring 

The problem can also be with the wires plugging. There can be two situations in this issue. It is also possible that the wire or switch is not plugged into the socket properly.

So check the main wiring and see the issue. The second thing can be the internal wiring. The wires of the thermostat can be loosened or broken or burnt. 

So, check both situations. First, check the main wire and see if it’s alright then check the internal wires.

The wires can be burnt or broken. So, see if it needs to be fixed or replaced, and then act accordingly.

How popcorn machine work?

To identify the problem, first, you need to have all the knowledge of how this machine works. After knowing this you will be able to understand the issues.

You can easily detect the part with the issue. So, the following is the process of how a popcorn machine works:

The popcorn machine has some important parts which are responsible for popping up the popcorn like a thermostat, popper, pot, etc.

The popcorn popper is a very important part because it is the reason for heating the machine. When we switch on the machine the thermostat starts to heat the pot. 

Now we need to add the kernels, seasoning, and oil. After adding, cover the pot so that the popcorn cannot be scattered. The heat starts to convert the kernels into popcorn.

After the popping sound ends, take out the popcorn and enjoy. This is the mechanism of popping up popcorn in a popcorn machine.

How to Take Care of Popcorn Machine?

The life span of everything can be changed because of your care and usage. If you take good care of the popcorn machine it can be used more and more.

The following is an easy method by which you can clean your popcorn machine:

  • Pour liquid cleaning solution into a pot.
  • Turn on the heat and let the solution boil. 
  • Secure the boiled solution in a disposable pot and let it cool down for use.
  • Take a sponge or any other cloth for cleaning.
  • Dip it into that solution and clean your machine properly. This is the best and easy way to clean your popcorn machine.

Should I Replace It?

No, it is not a wise idea to replace your machine for such a minor issue. This issue can be easily solved by you.

So, try to solve this. It is also the cheapest way to fix your machine. Selling it is also a very bad idea. You will not get anything in return. 

Now the prices of machines are very high. So, it is a foolish idea to replace it with a new one. If there is no solution for this problem i.e. the problem cannot be fixed then you can think about buying a new machine.

In summary

In the end, if your popcorn machine is not heating up you can easily fix it. It can be the issue of heating elements, wires, thermostats, etc. So, you can easily fix these or replace these with a new one. So, there is no need to go to the technician. 

You can easily increase the life of your machine by keeping it clean. So, use this method to clean your popcorn machine once after every two weeks. This will increase the durability of your popcorn machine.

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